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Lynchburg, VA

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Illusion Of Safety - 16oz Can
Brand: Adroit Theory Brewing Company

Illusion Of Safety - 16oz Can


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American Kettle Sour - 3% abv

Flavors of Sour Orange and Sweet Lime from the Calamansi Citrus, Medium Mouthfeel from the Mango

The Illusion of Safety? ...Or should we say the mirage that is our existence? Day in and day out, never deviating from the numbing routine of eat | work | sleep | repeat. Living in complete delusion that material possessions matter. That money, power, and status denote our individual worth. Battling the constant gravitation toward the inevitable; our empty luggage of a carcass - void of meaning, strewn across a deserted highway. The shell we once knew, now a home for the carrion birds.

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